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Joshin' Around

Enter the mind of actor/comedian and former late night TV sidekick Josh Robert Thompson (“The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson”) for an always unscripted & unpredictable journey into madness!


Ep. 66 – Craig Ferguson Tour Pt. 2: Vancouver

Josh hangs out backstage in Vancouver and discovers a horrible secret about coconut water.

Ep. 65 – Craig Ferguson Tour Pt. 1: Philadelphia

Josh walks the earth with Craig Ferguson and not-a-real-horse guys Joseph Bolter and Ryan McGowan (secretariat back) on the "Hot and Grumpy" comedy tour.

Ep. 64 – with Melissa Villasenor!

Josh interviews comedian and impressionist Melissa Villasenor.

Ep. 63 – God Hates Nags

Rev. Apostle BG (Josh Robert Thompson) takes down an internet troll in an ALL-NEW SERMON!

Ep. 62 – ├ťberschnappen

Josh is mistaken for an Uber driver.

Ep. 61: Lord Of Garbage

Josh returns to "The Late Late Show" as a guest and gets career advice from Anthony Michael Hall.

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