Driving Myself Crazy

Josh Robert Thompson is an actor and comedian best known for playing robot sidekick Geoff Peterson on “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.” Listen in to what makes him tick and what makes him ticked off.


Ep. 54: Zombie Jesus!

The irreverent Reverend Apostle BG returns with an all-new sermon that proves Jesus was part chicken.

Ep. 53 – JOSHMOS: An Inner Space Odyssey

Josh journeys deeper into his own mind and comes face-to-face with his other self.
Music: Josh Robert Thompson

Ep. 52: In My Head

Josh finally drives himself crazy.
Music: “Book’s Disappearance” from Witness by Maurice Jarre

Ep. 51: The Price is Right!

Josh goes backstage at “The Price is Right” for their April Fools’ Day special.
Featuring interviews with: Secretariat, Shadoe Stevens, George Gray and more!

Ep. 50: An Evening with Jerry Lewis!

Josh and John celebrate 50 episodes with the one and only Jerry Lewis!

Ep. 49: Walking with George Lucas II

Josh talks about being hired to sound like George Lucas.

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